short paper improving industrial control systems cybersecurity with defense in depth strategies


I need a short paper describing the following recommended practices for improving industrial control systems cybersecurity with Defense-In-Depth Strategies for a fictitious sector-based company:

  • Security Challenges within Industrial Control Systems
  • Isolating and Protecting Assets: Defense-in-Depth Strategies
  • Recommendations and Countermeasures

AFTER you have read and watched the course material and gotten the ICS-CERT 100W certification, you need to write a 1-2 page paper. In order to do this, you should:

1. Choose a fictitious sector-based company. Make one up! But be sure I know the sector it operates in and what it does.

2. Write you paper so that it answer these questions for this company:

a. what are the security challenges for the industrial control systems at this company?

b. what are some defense in depth strategies that you would employ to protect the ICS?

c. what specific recommendations do you have (actions and timing) to reduce the risks to the ICS at this company?


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