Should US Fund Mission To Mars? Should It Be With Humans On Board? (Essay Sample)

This is a two page typed paper consisting of a brief summary stating your position, including a clear explanation of why you hold it, which should include one or more compelling argument(s). You should also include a brief 1-2 sentence rebuttal of an argument that is commonly given against your stated position. Your will include two sources (note: in general, blog and wiki entries do not count). Your bibliography should include these two articles along with any other work that you cite. (You may use simple formatting such as ‘Author(s), “Title”, Source, Page(s), Date’.) You can double space if you prefer and can fit it.
So be familiar & address the following areas regarding travel to Mars:
* technical issues
* financial issues
* human health issues (both physical and mental)
In summary, your paper should essentially be a personal assessment of the various costs/benefits of Mars travel, including explicit reference to all three of the above areas.

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