Simulation Experience.

A reflective summary in paragraph or bullet format from each student identifying their own personal evaluation of the simulation experience. These should address issues such as: (1) student learning outcomes, (2) surprises from the simulation experience, (3) views of the virtual team experience. Did you enjoy this project? Each student summary should be at least one page in length and should be included in the paper. (This is not the same as the peer evaluations)
Positioning Statement: We want our customers to know that for every pair of sandals sold, we are donating a pair of sandals. You are never “walking alone”, because Kelly’s is right by your side.

Vision: To establish an appealing international brand that offers opportunities for empowerment for customers. This vision was developed out of the need for the organization to offer optimal value to its different consumer groups. Furthermore, the organization seeks to develop the best product that meets the needs of customers while causing zero harm to the society and community members.

Market Positioning and Brand Proposition: Kelly’s main target is middle class and premium buyers from all demographic backgrounds. This includes youths, middle-aged people, as well as the elderly. The organization’s segmentation strategy is broad since it encompasses customer groups who belong to the sports population. Therefore, the company provides a broad range of choices for individuals, including leisure sandals and sports sandals. The organization’s segmentation group goes beyond the national frontier to include customers who are located away from the United States. Examples include Europe and Latin America.

The company’s marketing mix initiative is meant to support brand positioning in all its target markets. Its products are regarded as highly efficacious and comfortable to all consumer groups. As such, the company seeks to dominate the American and European markets. The organization will also emphasize on all its products rather than only focusing on fashionable outfits. Thus, it will be on a constant program of assessing market trends and cultural changes in order to understand different audience preferences.

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