Social & Developmental Psychology – Intra and intergroup processes and intergroup relations

This week we will be discussing the case study ‘Marines under fire for ritual beatings film’ that appeared in the Guardian newspaper in November 2005. Just so you are

aware, there are some graphic pictures (but they are pixelated).

The question that you need to answer is:

Moreland and Levine (1994) suggest that entry into groups can often be marked by some initiation ceremony or ritual. Analyse the case of the British Royal Marines and

discuss why members go to such lengths to mark the entry of a new comer. Additionally, discuss why you think newcomers might accept being humiliated and sometimes even

being abused.

complete the whole of Unit 4 BEFORE contributing to this week’s discussion as you may miss some important ideas. When posting try to use information, such as theories

and research evidence, from the lecture and/or readings to back up your ideas (with appropriate references).

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