Social Media And Its Impact?

Read the article “Social Networking Applied to Retail Inventory Control” Preview the documentfrom the California Apparel News. Given what you have learned so far in the class, and your own experience with social media, prepare a 3 page paper on the use of social media in inventory management. Consider such issues as:

If all you have are social media systems, do you have sufficient information to manage all of your inventory?
Can you manage a warehouse by only looking at the exceptions?
Can you define alerts that will help you with the items that only require minimal intervention?
Can you use social media to connect to your suppliers, giving them responsibility for management of their products?
What kinds of incentives might you have to provide to your employees, your suppliers and your customers to use social media in this context?
Be sure to answer the issues above, and any others that you think may be important for this topic.

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