Social Psychology Principles

M5 Discussion 2 – Social Psychology Principles
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Social Psychology Principles
Consider the principles of social psychology as you discuss one of these two questions.
Select one of the two choices below to answer and describe an example you have witnessed or personally experienced in the past. Be sure to label which selection you made for your main post. Besides your main post, you need to submit two or more replies to the main posts of classmates. You should post at least one reply to a classmate who answered the alternative question.
Choice 1
Describe an example of where you initially had a different view and then found yourself conforming to the opinions or desires of a social group to whom you belonged. What led to you conforming? What there a time you refused to go along with the collective group choice? If so what was the reaction from others abut your decision?
Choice 2
Describe an example of social facilitation where the presence of others positively affected or influenced your performance (or that of others), regarding a task or team effort. What do you think led to your improvement of your own performance? Now describe a time where the presence of others negatively affected or influenced your performance (or that of others) regarding a task or team effort. What do you think happened that led to this reduced effect?

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