Sport Psychology Concept and Application Paper

Topic: Sport Psychology Concept and Application Paper
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Concept and Application Paper
The aim of this exercise is for the student to take a sport related issue (Anxiety, Stress, Goal setting, confidence or any other prevalent sport theme) from the text and apply that concept to a sport of their choice to assist an imaginary athlete improve their performance. The length of the paper should be between 4-6 pages double-spaced and include at least 4 journal articles as references. The paper should focus on the athlete’s inability and how your application of the theory will addresses the problem and enhances the athlete’s performance. Students are highly encouraged to read chapter 12 in their textbook on Psychological Skills Training as a precursor to writing their paper.
Assignment Format
General Outline of Sport Situation:
In approximately 175 words or less the character is outlined describing their sporting situation (The character may be real or imaginary). Based on an analysis of the symptoms described (by you!), you will outline what you think the problem with you athlete is and how (methodology) you came to determine this. A critical component of you satisfying this requirement is to strongly consider the use of a thesis statement where you will be telling me the intent of your paper, highlights that support your assertion and finally recommended courses of action.
Theoretical Background on sport specific problem (In short, a literature review)
In approximately 500 words or less you delve into the relevant research regarding the nature of the sporting issue (e.g., competitive state anxiety, anorexia, loss of focus, fear of competition, etc). Describe how it is caused, the most current research, possible treatment rationales on other factors that you think are relevant to your athlete’s problem. From this research you should generate a number of possible alternatives in terms of treatment.
Given the foregoing, you are to discuss which of the options you would choose; justifying and weighing each of the other alternatives you provided above. Detail why it would be effective and describe how you would administer the treatment.
Tie all the information together and reiterate how your solution is the best plan of action for your athlete.

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