statistic packages to perform numerous statistical functions.

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In most organizations, people fancy statistic packages to perform numerous statistical functions. It is important to acknowledge that MS Excel can perform thousands of statistical tests as well as analysis (Lawrence, Klimberg & Lawrence, 2009). From experience, the best way to apply MS Excel includes taking note of detailed procedures. The first point involves making sure that the data analysis tool pack is installed in the Excel window. Once installed, a data analysis icon and link should appear at the far right of the tool bar (Nelson, 2014). This will enable identification of statistical functions. Actual application on statistical analysis marks the exact operation. The processes should be applied as indicated below;

Click the data analysis command button to instruct Excel that you intend to calculate descriptive statistics.
In the data analysis dialog box, highlight the ‘Descriptive Statics’ entry in the analysis and click the OK button.
In the input section of the dialog box (descriptive statistics), identify the data to be described.
In the out section of the dialog box (descriptive statistics), describe where and how Excel should produce the statistics.
Throughout the analysis, it is clear that Excel is a powerful tool that still remains largely under used. Accurate application of Excel leads to quality analysis (Remenyi, 2010). However, it is important to have good knowledge of the commands in varied windows.

Discussion Question Part 2

The data analysis conducted clearly shows the power of Excel. Therefore, I should consider learning more about the program. My intention is to apply Excel in future in other uses besides statistical analysis. It will be beneficial to me if I can apply the knowledge learned from statistical analysis. Understanding the descriptive statistics knowledge picked from this study will advance my knowledge on conducting studies, analyzing data, and presenting the results.

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