Strategic Operations Management

Complete and submit an Executive Summary on The Goal by Goldratt. Your Executive Summary shall include the following two parts:
I. A table of three columns and ten rows in either Word or Excel.
Column 1 shall list the 10 Strategic Operations Management Decisions as found on page 8 of the Heizer & Render text. Include the definition of each in this column.
Column 2 shall describe at least two examples from The Goal that exemplify the type of problem or solution relevant to the Strategic Operations Management Decision area. For example, for “Process Strategy”, describe a scenario in The Goal when Mr. Rago or his staff had to address a problem in this specific area.
In column 3, describe a scenario from your work life that exemplifies the same Strategic Operations Management Decision area.
II. Answers to The Goal Executive Summary Questionnaire provided.
Use full sentences when answering the questions and avoid fragments.
Incorporate the question being posed into the answer to assure you are answering the question.
Provide enough information in your answers to be thorough. Aim for quality not quantity.
Your Executive Summary table should be in the 3 to 5 page range. Answers to the Goal questions posed should be no longer that two pages.Executive Summary Questions to Answer: MBA 630 Operations Management

Due Week Six

1. Define throughput, inventory, and operational expense. (1 point)

2. Why is it important that throughput is defined in terms of sales rather than production? (1 point)

3. What does it mean to have balance a plant? (1 point)

4. What causes a balanced plant to fail? (1 point)

5. What is the Theory of Constraints? (1 point)

6. What characteristics of the hiking troop relate to the production characteristics of throughput, inventory, and operational expense? (2 points)

7. What is Herbie in terms of the Theory of Constraints? (2 points)

8. Considering the Theory of Constraints, what has been done when items are removed from Herbie’s pack? (1 point)

9. What happens in a plant if the fastest operations are put at the beginning of the production process, the slowest operations are put at the end, and all workers produce at a high efficiency? (1 point)

10. Define a bottleneck. (1 point)

11. What two things can be done to optimize a bottleneck? (1 point)

12. What steps can be taken to reduce the lost time on bottlenecks? (1 point)

13. Define the Twenty-Eighty Rule. (1 point)

14. What was your biggest lesson learned from reading The Goal?

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