Strategy & Analytics: Follow The Example To Give A Top Pricer Tournament Reflection Based On The Materials Upload

The documents I upload are as follow:

No.1 word document is the example

No.2 the report on strategy performance(based on this report result to answer all the questions)

No.3 The excel document is the first select pricing strategies for a fictional organization over a three-year period. (The Top Pricer Tournament report is generate based on this excel.)

No.4 The reference reading might be use to answer the last questions. I also add SWOT, Blue Ocean, Red Ocean and Big data can be also used as reference knowledge.

The Top Pricer Tournament is a pricing strategy simulation provided by Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc.

Based on the report on your strategy performance, compose a one-to-two page reflection on the experience, addressing the following questions.

What was your assessment of the strategic environment?
What strategy did you choose initially?
How did you change the strategy as Top Pricer progressed through the three-year time span? How well did you think you would do in the tournament? Why?
What surprised/intrigued you about your results?
How has this experience informed your understanding of the role of strategy in successful decision making?
How does this experience compare with the material you are reading for this course? (SWOT, Porter’s Five Competitive Forces, Blue Ocean, Red Ocean, Big Data).

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