student relativism

Philosopher Stephen Satris (1986) argues that the ethical relativism of most college students is intended not as a well-thought-out philosophical theory but as an “invincible suit of armor” to “prevent or close off dialogue and thought.”

  • Do you agree with Satris’ thoughts on relativism and students? Relate your answer to the concept of relativism that is discussed in the course materials in this week’s module and the textbook (pp. 24-36).
  • Discuss an instance when you, or someone else, used relativism as a means of ending a discussion on a moral issue.
  • What are the costs of using relativism during ethical and moral discussions? Are there any benefits?

PLEASE NOTE: Citing Satris (1986) alone will not count towards your “application of course and other materials in your initial post.” You must include another source to earn this credit on the rubric.


Satris, S. A. (1986). Student relativism. Teaching Philosophy 9 (3), 193-200. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)


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