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BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Assessment 2 Assessment 2

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings

Assessment 2

Conduct Meetings

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Assessment 2: Conduct Meetings

This Assessment continues and builds upon the work completed in Assessment 1.

In this assessment you are required to conduct the meeting that you planned in Assessment Task 1.

Note: The work completed for this Assessment provides the basis for Assessment 3. You will need to retain a copy of the minutes from this assessment for use in Assessment 3. Ensure you keep an electronic and/or hard copy of this completed assessment for future use.


Access the action plan developed in Assessment 1.

Ensure all tasks have been completed and you are ready to chair and conduct the meeting.

Nominate a minute taker brief them on your requirements regarding the meeting and contents of the minutes. Give them a copy of the agenda and minutes template.

Conduct and chair the meeting according to the Agenda and your meeting style eg formal / information, consultation process, timing etc

During the meeting you must;

a. resolve at least one issue using a problem-solving technique

b. make a decision using a logical decision-making process which you must document.

6. After the meeting;

· Ask attendees to complete ‘Meeting Participant Evaluation Form’

In Appendix 2.

· Ask the minute taker to complete the ‘Minute Taker Evaluation Form’ in Appendix 3.


Please submit the following to your trainer.

Assessment 2 Submission Form – Appendix 1

Participant Evaluation Form’ – Appendix 2

Minute Taker Evaluation Form’ – Appendix 3

For those completing this assessment outside the workplace, submit a copy of the meeting guidelines you developed with your meeting participants.

Appendix 1: Assessment 2 Submission Form

1. Problem-solving

Describe a problem that had to be solved during your meeting?

Which problem-solving technique did you use and why?

How did this technique assist you to solve the problem?

2. Decision-making

Describe the process you adopted to assist you in making decisions during the meeting.

What did you find challenging about the decision-making process you used?

3. Chairing and facilitating meeting outcomes

Reflect on your role as chairperson of this meeting and answer the following questions.

How would you assess your performance in chairing the meeting (i.e. were you an effective chairperson or are improvements needed)?

What was the desired outcome of your meeting and did you achieve it?

4. Describe the strategies you used to facilitate the outcome.

What strategies worked well in assisting you to achieve your outcome?

What could you improve on to assist you to achieve meeting outcomes in the future?

Appendix 2: Meeting Evaluation Form

Student name
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The meeting started on time.
The meeting purpose was clear.
The chairperson kept discussions focused on achieving the purpose of the meeting.
The chairperson maintained control of the meeting throughout the duration.
The chairperson ensured all participants were involved in discussions.
The chairperson facilitated the problem-solving activity to resolve any issues.
The chairperson facilitated decision-making to ensure required decisions were made.
The meeting followed the agenda.
The desired outcome for the meeting was achieved.
The meeting concluded on time.
General feedback regarding the way in which the meeting was conducted:

Appendix 3: Minute Taker Evaluation Form

Student name
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The chairperson clearly explained the meeting purpose and the expected outcomes.
I was provided with a list of the attendees and their roles prior to the meeting.
I was provided a copy of a minute template to use to record the meeting discussions.
The chairperson explained any organizational requirements/conventions for recording the meeting minutes.
The chairperson explained the required method for recording meeting notes and their expectations with regards to the level of detail of information recorded.
I was provided with examples of previous minutes to assist me with understanding what was required.
It was clear to me what was expected.
General feedback regarding the information you were provided regarding taking minutes for the meeting:

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