Summarizes the research problem, the methodology and the main results.

The capstone project is comprised of the following elements:

A cover page
Abstract (150 words) and key words (5 maximum)
Table of content (including the page numbers)
An introduction (including the research question/objective)
The main body of the capstone project (1-Desk-based study, 2- Empirical setting with methodology,
data collection and data analysis, 3- discussion and Implications)
A conclusion (remind the objective of the capstone project, main findings related to the research
question, contributions and limitations)
Bibliographical references (APA style)
Plagiarism & Diffusion Declaration Forms
The following section briefly describes the content of the capstone project.
Cover Page
The cover page must include the following elements: names of the authors, Diploma, title of the capstone project, name of supervisor, academic year and session of the defense (i.e., September 2016).
Abstract & key words
The abstract of the capstone project (150 words) summarizes the research problem, the methodology and the main results.
This section must specify the context of the research (Relevance of the topic and research problem, relevance of the concepts and theoretical frameworks, relevance of the setting).
The introduction must also identify the research question/objective.
Finally, this section must present the structure of the capstone project (i.e., The capstone project is structure as follows: first, we present …).
Desk-based study
The desk-based study is based in the identification and analysis of relevant previous works. The state of the art presents the context (industry/country analysis) and the disciplines, concepts and/or theoretical frameworks related to the research question.
You should compare and contrast the views and conclusions of a wide range of authors and sources. The aim is to cover and discuss the total breadth of views on a particular subject.
There are certain key reporting verbs which are significant in their use:
Shows – can be used for reporting proven facts
Suggests – indicates you are neutral about the idea being presented
Argues – allows you to challenge or even disprove the idea later in the report
You must refer to authors who are acknowledged to have developed theories and models that you are using and to anyone who carried out research on which you base any part of your thesis. It is not acceptable to write about concepts and merely list a bibliography at the end. The use of ideas without citation is plagiarism and will lead to failure and disciplinary action.
The methodology section is intended to recall the research problem and the related objectives and to justify the methodological choices (qualitative or quantitative, exploratory or confirmatory, primary or secondary data, etc.) to answer the research question.
Then, students need to present their research design in detail (i.e., respondents and participants, interview guideline or questionnaire, sampling method, etc.). There is no right or wrong method. The most important is to justify the choices based on the research objectives and expected findings.
Analysis of results and findings
Students are expected to present their results, to interpret and analyze them. This step should guide the students to provide the most pertinent recommendations and ultimately answer the research question and research objectives.
The conclusion
The conclusion should concisely recall the problem and research objectives, the empirical context, the methodology used and the main results. Students are also expected (1) to highlight their contributions, (2) to provide managerial recommendations, and (3) to identify limitations and avenues for future research.
Bibliographical references
The references refer to exhaustively all references used as sources of information for the completion master thesis. They are mainly academic articles. The format of the bibliography must follow the APA style.
Instruction files

imba_capstone_project_-_thesis_guide_2015-16_forms.pdf(735,73 KiB)




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