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Please read the instructions carefully !!!

Supplement blog

In the United States, dietary supplements are big business with billions of dollars spent on supplements. We have been learning that nothing in nutrition is “good” or “bad” unless you also consider the amount and more is not always better. In this blog, you are to explore the topic of supplements and critically compare “beliefs” about supplements with valid nutrition information

The directions for this blog are a little different than the carbohydrates, fats and proteins, so please read closely.

Remember that your blog should be about 500-700 words long. You will need 2 valid references (while you may use your book for some of the discussion, you need 2 other valid sources and 1 needs to be a peer reviewed journal article).

To do your blog will require including 2 topics.

First, many people believe that a multivitamin supplement will provide all of the vitamins and minerals that a person needs for a day. To see if this is true, find a label for a multivitamin and mineral supplement (MVT). this can be from what you take, or go on the internet. You can choose a general MVT such as One a Day or Centrum, or you can use more focused such as GNC Mega Men, Multivit Gummies for Women, etc. Read the section in the book that discusses who needs a multivitamin supplement and what to look for in a supplement. Then compare your label with the recommendations. Does the supplement provide 100% of all needed vitamins and minerals? Which vitamins and minerals are higher? which are lower than 100%. After you have considered the text recommendations, discuss how that supplement meets or falls short of the recommendations.

Next, identify 1 belief that you had about supplements that you might now be questioning. Examples include: energy drinks give you energy, Vitamin C keeps you from getting a cold, a calcium supplement is just as good as drinking milk for strong bones, taking vitamins can keep you from getting cancer, people who take supplements live longer, etc. Clearly describe what you had heard or thought about the topic that you now question. Summarize the information about the topic that is presented in the book and compare and contrast what you previously thought.

For this topic – find 2 sources of valid information that address is topic. Summarize the information from the source. Provide citation to the valid information. This means that you need at least 2 valid references and one needs to be a peer reviewed journal article

Important step: Discuss how you will apply the information that you have learned.

You can loo the chapters from this link below look for Chapter 11 and 12!!

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