take an organization and describe its culture and the impact of its culture on its performance

The objective of this assignment is to take an organization and describe its culture

and the impact of its culture on its performance. After choosing your organization,

use the following questions to guide your analysis of the culture.

Use the power point to answer the four questions. Organizations can be chosen from media sources such as

newspapers, magazines, videos and blogs. You also can choose an organization

where you work or have worked in the past. Make sure you choose an organization

where you have enough information to draw conclusions.

Cite all references used in your research.

1. Describe the organization’s culture through its values, rituals, beliefs,

language, architecture, stories, heroes and artifacts.

2. Discuss the leadership of the organization and its relationship to the culture.

3. How does the culture of the organization reflect the industry and

environment in which that company conducts business?

4. How would you advise a new employee to behave and in this culture?

Your paper should be a maximum of three (3) pages, double-spaced in a Microsoft

Word document. The page count suggested is the maximum, but answers can be

shorter if they are well written, concise and include a depth of content.

will be submit through Turn it in

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