Tameaka Jackson’s Introduction

Directions for the Formal Laboratory Write up (Journal Article)for the Ecology Project

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Please also see the other resources on this page for writing up lab reports, using citations in the text of the write-up, and writing your Literature cited sections. One of the major parts of the Journal Article that is a little bit different from the Laboratory Write Up is the Introduction. This is where you would do some basic research on the background that will help you understand or develop the ideas of your article. If I were you I might include some information about pond ecosystems, agricultural run-off, information about the organisms that you encountered, especially those that you counted. and of course any relevant information you might find in your notes on ecology. Please don’t ask me how many pages, there is no right or wrong answer. Some may have a paragraph or 2 and some may write a page, it depends on the research story you are telling. You must have a Literature cited page and you should cite the information in the body of the paper. Review the information on literature citation before starting. The bottom line is to tell the story in your own words, this is not a group paper, it is an individual paper, so please do not share words with each other. Before you submit your final paper make sure you use spell check and run it through Safe Assign

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