Taxonomic Classification—Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and species

The San Francisco Zoo is great place to visit and has a lot of primates to observe. You can see the aye-aye and some other lemurs, several monkey species, and chimpanzees. Admission to the zoo is pretty reasonable at just $17. In order to earn full credit for this assignment, you must choose one primate species to observe for at least 2 hours and submit a 2-3 page report on that species, including:


· Taxonomic Classification—Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and species

· Social Structure—what kind of groups do they live in?

· Habitat—where do they live (geographical range) and in what kind of vegetation?

· Diet—what do they eat?

· Are they endangered? Threatened?

· What time of the day did you observe them?

· How many animals were in the enclosure? Could you tell how many are adults, juveniles, or infants? Could you tell the difference between males and females?

· What kinds of behaviors did you see them engage in? (e.g., grooming, feeding, resting, nursing, sexual behavior, aggression, play)

· What did you think about while watching them?

All of this information may not be posted at the zoo. You can also use the zoo website or PrimateInfoNet. If you use any other sources, be sure to cite them and include references.

Part II—Film Extra Credit Assignment (5 points)


You can watch any film that is related to biological anthropology that we do not watch in class but you have to be able to make a good argument for how the film is related to the class. If you have any questions about whether or not a film you are interested in is appropriate, just ask.

In order to receive the extra credit points, you must submit a 2-3 page review of the film that includes:

1. The title and date of production

2. When and where you watched it

3. A summary of the film that explicitly addresses how it is related to biological anthropology

4. Your personal assessment of the film in the context of the course.

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