The applicability and importance of theory guided nursing practice

The aim of the assessment task is to provide the student with the opportunity to discuss the applicability and importance of theory guided nursing practice, including the discussion of their application of a major espoused theory and exploration of their own theory-in-use and how this impacts on their own nursing practice.
Assessment task
• A major theoretical perspective (such as a nursing theory) you use in your nursing practice;
• Your own personal theory of nursing;
• The applicability and importance of theory guided nursing practice, with particular
emphasis on your own nursing practice.
Reed (2006) argues that “when nurses deliberately use their theories in practice, they can facilitate processes that significantly benefit patients, nurses, the healthcare system, and the broader environment” (p. 328). Greenwood (2000), however, argues that there is a substantial theory-practice gap between the nursing theories nurses claim they use in practice (espoused theories) and the actual theories they use in practice (theories-in-use) which may have “important implications for the quality of nursing practice” (p. 9). Discuss.
Assessment Objectives:
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400774 – Perspectives on Nursing Learning Guide – Autumn 2017
• With particular reference to current (from 2011 onwards) academic literature, discuss the importance and applicability of theory guided nursing practice in general and to your own nursing practice in particular.
Note re student directions
• The work is to be structured as a formal essay, with a relevant introduction, body of work and conclusion, however, headings and subheadings may be used.
• The assessment task as set must be adequately and appropriately addressed.
• There must be clear identification and evidence of understanding of major issues, with
evidence of critical examination of issues, including sound arguments and positions
adequately supported by academic literature as appropriate and required.
• When presenting your own reflections and ideas in relation to your own personal theory
of nursing, it is appropriate to use the first person; however, elsewhere use of the third
person is required.
• The work is to conform to the conventions of academic writing, with logical flow of ideas,
clarity and conciseness of expression, non-discriminatory use of language, and consistently accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph construction.
• You are required to have at least five (5) recent (i.e. from 2012) references from peer- reviewed academic journals, preferably from nursing journals. All sources of information must be adequately acknowledged by correct and complete referencing. References must be: in the APA style, adequately and correctly given, both in text and in the final reference list, and in strict accordance with the Western Sydney University (2016) American Psychological Association referencing style guide. Available
from: The reference guide is based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition) American Psychological Association, 2010. Use of non-academic literature is not acceptable. Further, it is not acceptable to copy any information from other sources, including Websites or other electronic sources, other students, books, journals, etc., and present it as your own work (please see the Student Misconduct Rule policy)..

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