The article will be your selection from the previous weeks WSJ journal.

Weekly Article Summary Discussion Instructions

There are 4 article summaries due during the semester. They are due as noted on the schedule in the class syllabus. Per the instructions below you will turn in a physical copy of the summary which will consist of a Title Page, one page article summary and a copy of the article stapled together. . The article will be your selection from the previous weeks WSJ journal. Article should be concerning strategy, operations, supply chain operations etc. Your summary will consist of the following:

Title Page: You will put class, your name, article assignment number, date, and article Title on title page. Rest of page is blank so I can put grade and comments on the page.

Article Summary (1/2) page. Summarize the article in a paragraph or two. Make sure you have covered the main points of the article. You need to be clear, concise and organized.

Takeaway or lessons learned. Summarize what you have learned from the article-a takeaway for the future, lesson learned etc. Show me or prove to me you are thinking about what the article is about and how you can use the information in the article. Show me how the article relates to a topic or idea from the class.

· Note: Organize the page into two sections via using a section title in the page. We will discuss in class.

· Highly recommend two editing ideas:

a. Read the assignment aloud-good trick I learned at KPMG

b. Have someone else read the summary and give you comments-again KPMG this was mandatory for anyone going to the customer

c. One page means one page- not two or ½ of a page

Copy of the article: You will print out a copy of the article and staple it to the summary.

Notes on grading etc. The assignment is due at the beginning of assigned class in hard copy. One page only, 12 point, 1 inch margins single space. Email will not be accepted- hard copy only. If you are late or don’t turn it in on the day assigned you will you receive a zero. Only exception is if you contact me, in writing via text or email, before class that you are not attending class etc. Follow the directions or points will be taken away.

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