The goal of this project is to increase your understanding of Occupational Health and how it relates to a specific occupation.

MUAG 1500- Spring, 2018

Eric Wallace

Term Project

Due: April 2nd, by 11am. Materials must be submitted through blackboard.

Objective: The goal of this project is to increase your understanding of Occupational Health and how it relates to a specific occupation.

Process: This project will involve: (1) Investigating a chosen occupation; (2) interviewing a person who is currently involved with the chosen occupation; (3) experiencing some aspect of the occupation; and (4) reflecting on personal experiences throughout the process, while offering ways to help mitigate health concerns within this occupation.

Topic: To prevent shooting yourself in the foot by waiting too long to pick a topic, you will be required to choose a topic by the 1st Module exam. The steps for choosing a topic are:

1. Investigate different occupations on the website Choose one occupation listed from the site and review the materials related to occupational tasks, tools, skills, interests, work style & value, etc. that are unique to this occupation.

Be sure to explore O*net! You will be amazed at what jobs are listed on the site, and how detailed the summaries are. Don’t just search jobs you would like and pick the easiest one, try searching for jobs you never thought of. Do your best to stump the site, it’s much harder than you think! (I search “crossing guard” and found: crossing guard, bridge and lock tender, and fish and game wardens as listed occupations). This is your chance to be creative.

2. After deciding on an occupation from O*net, ask a UNT librarian for help to find an academic article about the occupational health and wellness of this population.

Example: If you decided to interview a carpenter, you’d ask for help finding an academic journal article related to the health concerns or experiences of carpenters. The librarian will show you an appropriate database and guide you through a search strategy. After digging, you might find an article like “Health and Working Conditions in Carpenter’s Workshops in Armenia”, from the journal Industrial Health (a real article and journal. Go ahead, look it up!).This would be an acceptable article about the health concerns of carpenters that you could use with your project.

There will be an item on the 1st Module Exam asking you what occupation you chose for your project, and to cite the academic article you found using the process above. This will be an important step to ensure you are thinking about the project with enough time to really do quality work, do not take it lightly.Be sure to properly cite your article. Any common citation style is acceptable (MLA, APA, Chicago).

Interview: Next you need to locate and interview an individual who is currently involved with the specific occupation that you selected for the first step.

1. Before you set up the interview, think of 5 questions you would like to ask the person you are interviewing. Be sure to incorporate what you learned from your research. Be prepared to write out these 5 questions, along with the name and occupation of the person you have chosen to interview, on the Midterm Exam. There are no wrong questions! Again, the purpose of this is to get you planning ahead, so do yourself the favor of not making them up on the spot.

2. Set up a time to interview this person about health concerns related to the occupation. The interview can be conducted in person, over the phone, or by email.

a. There are no requirements/guidelines for the number of interview questions or specific content or type of question; however, the aim of the interview is to focus on and gather information about occupational health.

b. Interviewing yourself is NOT acceptable for this section!

Use the information collected from your interactions with this person to compose the second part of your paper. This does not have to be a transcription of your conversation – but do include the dates of the interview. The writing style and format is up to you, but still needs to be grammatically correct. Be clear to describe the questions you asked and the answers.

Experience: This is an opportunity for you to experience some aspect of the occupation you have chosen by participating with your interviewee’s supervision. The experience should provide you with some sense of what it might be like to do this occupation. This is more than observing, it’s being involved in the activity. There is no preliminary assignment associated with this part of the project.

a) Be sure that you do this after you complete all assignments above. Do not do this before you interview the person involved with this occupation . However, it may be done simultaneously with the interview.

b) You are required to provide supporting evidence that you experienced some aspect of the occupation – e.g. taking photos or video-taping yourself doing something, etc. These supporting materials should be submitted along with (or imbedded into) your term project.

c) This must be a NEW or CONCURRENT experience.

a. It is fine to use your current job, provided you complete steps 1 & 2.

b. If you choose your current job, please try to experience a new facet of it- i.e. if you are a waitress, interview/experience what a cook does; if you’re a manager, interview/experience what your employees do.

c. Recalling a job you held in high school, last summer, etc, is not acceptable, even if you complete steps 1 and 2 with this job in mind.

d. You may use a prior job as long as you re-visit the site this semester with fresh eyes and a focus on occupational health.

Summary: Finally, you must compose a reflective summary of this project.

a) Describe what this has taught you and how you have changed.

b) Discuss new possibilities for opportunities and/or constraints that could improve the health and wellness of the occupation. Answer questions like: what equipment, behaviors or regulations could reduce or prevent health concerns in the work environment?

c) Your summary should include things that really surprised you, changes (or lack of changes) in your perception toward the occupation, what this project meant to you, how you personally identified with the person you interviewed, etc.

Your paper should be clearly defined/labeled into four sections. Use these headings:

1) Summary of O*net information and research article

2) Interview

3) Experience

4) Personal reflections

Paper Length, Format, and Other Requirements

· The total length of your term project must be greater than 2000 words. Try not to exceed 2500 words.

· Use double-spaced format (about 2 pages per section)

· Use Times New Roman or Arial font type (12 font size)

· Any photos (or other media materials) can be imbedded into the paper or submitted separately. They do not count towards your papers length.

· Please maintain responsible behavior at all times as you meet and work with anyone who assists you with this assignment

· Submit all your documents electronically as attachments

If you choose a project that investigates the potential for hearing loss due to excessive sounds, I have sound level meters that you can check out and use to estimate the sound levels you are exposed to when experiencing the occupation.

Project time-line and checklist:

-By 1st Module exam:

-Occupation has been chosen

-Scholarly article has been researched and selected

By Midterm Exam:

-Person to interview has been found

-5 interview questions have been drafted

-After Midterm:

-Interview has been scheduled and conducted

-You’ve experienced the occupation and documented it with photos/video

-By April 2nd @ 11am:

-The paper has been typed and submitted

-High-fives have been thoroughly distributed

-Naps on naps on naps

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