The Impact of Cloud Computing on Small and Medium Enterprises (Essay Sample)

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The Impact of Cloud Computing on Small and Medium Enterprises (Essay Sample)
The “Writing Tech” Assignments are aimed at developing the capacity to (a) read and process articles and other materials written about technology and (b) to present in brief certain core tech ideas in a cogent fashion, including creating in you the capacity to write about tech using the language of technology.

1. . Pick any topic from List B of the Appendix (You can pick a topic that is not in the list butplease write to me about it and clear it with me).

2. Research the Topic (My recommendation is read at least 3 to 4 general articles about the tech. For instance, if your topic is “Android” – then read 3 or 4 general articles about Android – where did it come from, who developed it, what is unique about it? etc)

3. Pick up Focus area. For instance, if Andoid is your topic – then, u can decide that your focus is on the “key new features that are going to be added to its next version OR you may decide to focus on a comparison between Android and iOS OR you may decide to focus on “Android strategy”…. It doenst matter whatm, but you need to build a focus. Do a second rouind of research on the focus area –. Read 2 or 3 articles on the focus area.

4. Your paper is then structured as – A brief half page to 1 page introduction, followed by about 2 pages on your focus area, followed by a page in conclusion, esp looking into the future.


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