The implementation process you would use to implement the EHR

Specifically, the paper should offer the following information and address these issues:
Name of the product
Uses of the product
Integration with other information systems
User friendliness of data entry and data retrieval
Benefits of this particular software over similar types of software
The implementation process you would use to implement the EHR
Critically analyze your findings
Other Content Suggestions:
Philosophical views of the EHR
Reduction of cost
Improved quality of care
Promote evidence-based medicine
Record keeping and mobility
Governance, privacy, and legal issues
Privacy concerns
Legal issues
Legal interoperability
Regulatory compliance
Technical Issues
Open specifications
Long-term preservation and storage of records
Synchronization of records
E-health and tele-radiologyPlease follow this outline and add 6 pages to it. Thank you
The EpicCare EMR Software

1. Introduction
The healthcare sector has benefited a lot from the different inventions and innovations in the information technology industries. Most healthcare providers have taken the various advancements in the information and technology industry to make their service delivery easier, more effective, and safer for their patients.

The EpicCare EMR Software used by the Ann Arbor Health Information Exchange has made the institution’s role of providing healthcare services to veterans more effective owing to the software’s user friendliness and a design that meets the demands of the healthcare system.

a) Ambulatory Services: The Ambulatory Module is used by specialty clinicians to provide primary care, place orders, review results, send prescriptions, perform in-office procedures, and document visits to patients.
b) Practice Management: EpicCare Practice Management (PM) offers affiliate institutions with a single billing office, hence, offering a single account that helps to simplify back office scheduling.

c) Mychart: Patients are able to schedule meetings with doctors and view past and future visits, test results medications and orders, among others.

2. Uses of EpicCare EMR Software used by the Ann Arbor Health Information Exchange
a) Advantages of using EpicCare EMR
• Patients have a 24-hour access to their medical information.
• Uses technology to ease and lower the costs of administration.

• Centralized storage helps with data retrieval and patient medical progress can be monitored with ease.
b) Disadvantages of the product
• Open to third-party attacks, therefore, risking doctor-patient confidentiality.
• System glitches can cripple the system.
• Requires extra tutoring, hence, increasing costs.

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