The International Education Services (IES)

The International Education Services (IES) has three facilities relating to health promotion at the workplace that were observed. They are:

The tea room;
An un-occupied room for staff to have a chat away from their offices and;
A bicycle rack outside the building
However, there were no posters on health promotion including dietary and nutritional information, even in their tea room. Additionally, the bicycle racks were for the whole building and not just for the specific workplace. Since it is an institution, there are other facilities on campus such as sporting, recreational and outside facilities such as cafeteria and sitting areas. Some of the sitting areas are at locations were a bit of sunshine can be sought (vitamin D) and the sitting areas also allow for fresh air and relaxation of the mind.

Furthermore, since IES is an educational institution, there are policy for both staff and students.

If the International Education Services (IES) has concerns about the health of a student and /or the well-being of other members of the (IES) community then the Principal may direct the student to:

Obtain a medical health clearance from a nominated doctor or specialist, or
Stay away from institution for a period of time to ensure that there is no chance of cross infection.

If International students have a problem or complaint they should use the UHS grievance procedure and talk with the International Student Coordinator about issues they have. If the problem or complaint is not resolved to their satisfaction they then contact IES and make an appointment to speak with the Executive Manager, IES for advice.

If the problem or complaint is still unresolved or the student is dissatisfied with the outcome the complaint should be formally presented in writing to the Director

International Education. Once a decision has been made the outcome will be provided to the student in writing together with advice regarding avenues of appeal.

If a student wants to appeal the decision they should contact and independent reviewer Complaints and Appeals as nominated by DECS to hear the appeal. The students enrolment will be maintained throughout the process……………………………………………….

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