The nursing care for an adult person experiencing Acute Pulmonary Oedema.

Your task is to explain the nursing care for an adult person experiencing Acute Pulmonary Oedema. In your response you are to include pathophysiology and pharmacological management when explaining the nursing care required. You will refer to an inter-professional model of care inclusive of nursing practice, safety and quality standards.
The course objectives being assessed are;

CO 2. Perform a comprehensive health assessment on adults from a range of different cultures.
CO 3. Apply an evidence-based framework to develop, implement and critically evaluate a plan of care for adults presenting with acute health problems.
CO4. Explain an inter-professional model of care for the management of adults with acute health problems.
CO5. Apply pharmacological knowledge and principles in the management of care for adults with acute health problems.
CO6. Analyse the legal and ethical considerations in caring for adults with acute health problems.
CO7. Apply the principles of quality, safety and risk management in caring for adults presenting with acute health problems.

Task descriptions:
There are two (2) components to this assessment – Part 1 and Part 2
Part 1.
Refer to the case scenario provided in the course site located in the assignment tab for Ms Foley who has been diagnosed with acute pulmonary oedema.
From the assessment information in the scenario, you are to analyse the information provided and then complete two (2) charts – Observation Chart and the HHHS Fluid Balance Chart (FBC).

In your response to the case scenario presented you are to include a brief description of the implications of your findings from your nursing assessment of the situation. You are then to apply your findings to the relevant pathophysiology of acute pulmonary oedema to account for Ms Foley’s abnormal results.

Explain the nursing care that Ms Foley will require and include evidence based rationales for how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your plan. Include in your explanation the oxygenation requirements, delivery device, and rationales incorporating related pharmacological knowledge for the stat IV 40mg Frusemide order.

Part 2.

Explain the inter-professional model of care required for Ms Foley while in hospital. You are to include the most appropriate national nursing regulatory standards linked to Ms Foley’s care. A starting point is to read the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (NMBA 2016).

General information: For further information refer to Learnonline Assessment Folder for Ms Foley’s case scenario and the marking criteria.

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