The significance of psychology in health and social care

Structure of essay :
 Introduction , main body, conclusion
 headings and subheadings
 be specific, give examples and reference them .
Introduction and background notes (vocational context)
As a health and social care worker in East London, you must understand psychological factors which
influence human behaviour and the effects that these factors have on users of health and social care

As a health and social care worker you must also understand the basic approaches to
understanding human behaviour drawn from psychology as throughout your career you will experience the changing roles of individuals throughout the life stages.
Task 1: LO1 Understand theories of lifespan development
(Recommended word limit maximum 1600 words)
You have worked in a range of health and social care organization with a variety of service users
throughout their various life stages. (*Life stage means infancy; early childhood; adolescence;
adulthood; late adulthood; final stages of life and death). You are preparing to submit a report for
the next health and social care conference. In your report you will:

What you must do
1. Compare the different theories of life span development (for example nature versus nurture and continuity versus discontinuity).
2. Also, you must include in your report an explanation of how psychological theories (for
example behavioural; cognitive; psychodynamic and humanistic) and concepts are related to the all life stages.
Task 2: LO2 – Understand social and biological determinants of human behaviour displayed in
health and social care context
(Recommended word limit maximum up to 1600 words)

What you must do
At the upcoming Health and Social Care conference health you have been asked to take part in a
panel discussion about what are the social and biological determinants of human behaviour
displayed in a health and social care context. Your line manager has asked you to produce a report
before you take part in the panel discussion. In the first section of your report you must:

1. Explain social and biological factors that influence human behaviour ( for examples socialization, family, education, genetics, disorders ) .
2. You must analyse the importance of social roles in the context of health and social care
Settings ( for example development of social roles, social context of behaviour, social group membership, development of self – concept, sick – role behaviour, perception and interpretation of symptoms, use/misuse of health and social services, coping strategies ) .

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