The surgeon who performs the open heart surgery is

Question 1

Nursing plays a prominent role in patient satisfaction surveys because_______.

(a) Nurses are more crucial than physician from the patient perspective

(b) Nurses are in constant contact with patients

(c) Nurses are often female

(d) Nurses are abundant in the profession of health care

Question 2

The surgeon who performs the open heart surgery is ________.

(a) A radiologist

(b) A cardiovascular physician

(c) Orthopedist

(d) An anesthesiologist

(e) A family physician

Question 3

The retirement of aging _____ will reshape the healthcare job market over the next decade.

(a) Family boomers

(b) Girl boomers

(c) Bo0y boomers

(d) Baby boo

Question 4

Due to the healthcare industry’s unique characteristics, it is important of healthcare leaders to understand and appreciate the differences each _____ brings to the workforce and harness the benefits of those differences.

(a) System

(b) Law

(c) Generation

(d) Patient

(e) Consumer

Question 5

When healthcare personnel do not collaborate well, severe injury or unexpected patient death may by caused by _______.

(a) Lack of communication

(b) Reusing syringes

(c) Contamination of medication

(d) Pharmaceutical patents

Question 6

The U.S. healthcare market is considered “ Imperfect’ because________.

(a) There are a significant amount of medical errors

(b) Prices are determined by health plans rather than market forces

(c) Universal healthcare is unavailable

(d) Qualified doctors are lacking

Question 7

Which of the following is required for a physician to practice medicine?

(a) Licensure

(b) Certification

(c) Credentialing

(d) Training

(e) None of the above

Question 8

The healthcare professionals work in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. Changes are driven by_________.

(a) New technologies

(b) Financial pressure

(c) Regulation and a complex institutional environment

(d) Internal politics

(e) A,B, and C only

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