The UK Stem Cell Foundation supports a variety of Research Projects in Regenerative Medicine

Sources of information
The UK Stem Cell Foundation supports a variety of Research Projects in Regenerative Medicine

Select ONE of the following states:

Blood cancer

Select ONE of these conditions

A starting reference for your study is the review article
Tae, A.K. and Vallier, L – 2010 Emerging use of stem cells in regenerative medicine

PART A – Public Information leaflet

Produce a Public Information leaflet to highlight the benefits of this research, the advantages or disadvantages you see in the stem cell technology applied and to explain the potential benefits to a public audience. You should cite some original scientific research papers or review articles, but can also use information already present in the media on the topic.

Use the guidelines in the tutorial to help you prepare you information leaflet.

PART B – Statement On a separate page write a short summary (up to 200 words) your rationale for choice of the disease state and your choice for the target audience. This could include reference to lack of current treatments, health care costs, choice of patient or general public information/education.

PART C – References
Cite the references (pubmed – up to a maximum of 10) and web sites that you have used to access the information you have used to produce parts A and B.

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