The webquest

The webquest
then edit and creat this webquest according to the instruction and also finish the template
Part B – Webquest Development – 50 Marks
Why are we getting you to do this?
• Webquests are valuable inquiry-based learning activities.
• Get you to explore the wide variety of free web-based tools that are available.
• Plan and develop a substantial inquiry-based learning activity.
Create your own Webquest on a topic of your choice using the a Webquest template provided in the Activity One Template.
Points to Note
• You don’t have to create a Webquest from your own teaching area.
• For the Webquest you develop, DO NOT copy or modify an existing web quest you find on-online.
• Your Webquest should be original.
Part C – Elements for Describing an Internet-based activity – 25 Marks
Why are we getting you to do this?
We are asking you to describe one of the interactive web-based activities you have included in your Webquest to:
• Show you the value of using screenshots in your descriptions of ICT-related activities in general.
• Demonstrate to us that you have used and are familiar with your web-based activity.
• Demonstrate you can visualise, present and justify the use of the interactive website in a learning sequence.
Select one interactive web-based activity from your Webquest.
NOTE: Your chosen activity must be part of an open web site – i.e not password protected or requiring registration.
• a piece of software (e.g. Word, Explorer, Sibelius, GarageBand, etc.);
• a Google product or a Learning Management System (LMS) like Moodle or Blackboard
• or anything that requires downloading or installing on your computer.
For Part C please:
1. Provide the URL (website link) for your web-based activity so it can be viewed by your marker.
2. Explain why your selected web-based activity would be considered interactive according to the criteria given in Activity One FAQ – What do you mean by interactive? and make explicit reference to pedagogy.
3. Briefly describe the purpose of this web-based activity using only screenshots with annotations and captions.
In your description you need to provide the following:
Four (4) screenshots which demonstrate to your marker the interactive elements of your web-based activity.
For example,
• the opening screen
• the instructions
• some sort of data entry or interaction
• the response to the data entry or interaction
Describe the major features of this web-based activity using appropriate annotations of your screenshots. For example, you should use text boxes and arrows or callouts for your descriptive phrase/statements.
On top of each screenshot you are to provide a meaningful title.
Under each of your screenshots, please provide a descriptive caption. For example, Figure 1: Introductory screen with instructions on activity navigation.
Be sure to check out the FAQ – Screenshots, Annotations and Captions in the Activity One FAQs
FAQ – Act.1 Parts A&B – What do you mean by linking a Webquest back to a syllabus?
In Part A and Part B we ask you to link your identified and own Webquest back to a syllabus. We ask you to do this to make sure that the Webquest is based on a relevant topic.
Here’s an example of what we expect:
The Wonderful Wombat Webquest – looking over the site and the Science syllabus this Webquest can be linked back to:
Outcome: ST1-11LW – describes ways that different places in the environment provide for the needs of living things
Board of Studies NSW (2014). Science K–10 Syllabus. Retrieved from
That’s all you need to do!

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