thesis amp subtopics

It’s time to develop your tentative thesis statement and subtopics for the body of your research.

You’ll need to develop a solid thesis statement.The thesis statement is typically the last sentence of your introduction.A thesis statement is not your opinion or a matter of fact, it is a clear and concise statement (argument) that you support in your paper (examples ):

Topic: America’s Infrastructure

Disciplines: (Government and Engineering)

Problem Statement: According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (2017), there hasn’t been improvement in the state of America’s transportation, water, energy, education and waste management programs in four years.

Research Question: How can the government get a better report card on America’s infrastructure?

Thesis Statement: The government must increase spending to improve the nation’s infrastructure to strengthen business productivity and the gross domestic product in order to restore the countries global competitive advantage.

Topic: Preventable Diseases

Disciplines: (Business and Health)

Problem Statement: Heart disease kills over a half million people each year in the United States, but 80% of Americans do not get the recommended amount of exercise for reducing the risk of heart disease (CDC, 2018).

Research Question: How would an exercise program affect a company’s bottom line?

Thesis Statement: Businesses should allow employees to exercise during work hours because companies make more money in healthcare cost savings than they lose in production due to an exercise program.

Topic: Juvenile Offenders

Disciplines: (Criminal Justice and Psychology)

Problem Statement: There are over 2,100 child offenders serving life sentences without possibility for parole in Untied States and over 16% were under the age of 15 when they committed their crimes (Rovner, 2018).

Research Question: Why should life sentencing of juveniles be different than the sentencing of adults for severe crimes?

Thesis Statement: Adolescents should be sentenced differently than adults for severe crimes because the juvenile mind is more susceptible to peer pressure, less able to assess consequences and more able to grow and be rehabilitated.

Subtopics are the headings that identify the main body of your research. You need to create 3-5 subheadings based on the research you have done. For example, a student studying the effects of overtime on nursing staff burnout might have collected research that leads to three subheadings: Statistics of Nursing Overtime, Causes of Nursing Burnout, and Psychological Effects of Burnout.

Note** The subheadings in your research do not include your conclusions or inferences, they simply synthesize and present the information from the research you have collected into coherent sections.Do not present results in your subheading sections.

Criteria for Thesis & Subheadings:


Introduction (this may come from week 1) – include your tentative thesis statement

3-5 subheadings – include topic sentences that describe what is covered under each subheading and transition sentences that lead to the next subheading

References – Include references used in this paper

Your completed assignment should be written third person and should be 5 pages in length (not including title page and references). Your assignment should use APA style formatting.

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