This just example its has good reflection

This just example its has good reflection
Standard 4 : Content Knowledge
Artifact:  Lesson Plan
explanation :

4(b) The teacher engages students in learning experiences in the discipline(s) that encourage learners to understand, question, and analyze ideas from diverse perspectives so that they master the content.

I believe that lesson plan   is relevant to this standard because  it  is a great artifact to represent this standard because the teacher uses her understanding of the content and the learning process to lead students to a thorough understanding of the content. Directing my focus on content knowledge, I think the teacher should be able to lead the student into comprehending the content efficiently. Moreover tutor learns new ways of making student understand the course more quickly. With time, the teacher gets to be conversant with the whole course content. This artifact is a thirty -minute lesson plan that was created for the content area of Mathematic/ Geometric in the unit of two dimensional shapes. The student will understand the key characteristics of two dimensional shapes. The purpose of these lessons will be ensuring that the students are able to identify the key characteristics of two-dimensional shapes and making clear distinctions between the key characteristics that are evident among the two dimensional shapes. It was a developmental lesson in which I have planned for students to learn more about of similarities and differences between the various kinds of two dimensional provided.

standard 5 : Application of Content
Artifact: science activity.


5(s) The teacher values flexible learning environments that encourage learner exploration, discovery, and expression across content areas.
I believe that science activity   is relevant to this standard because  it is a great example for application of content. Activities that give a clear picture on the application of content come in handy in teaching. A good example is the 10-minute science test, which makes it easy for students to understand what DNA collection entails. It helps to develop a path for the students to apply the theory that they have learned. Besides, they become accustomed to using own materials and follow a step by step approach to getting into the bottom of the application of the subject matter.
III. Reflection on the Role of a Teacher
In a few paragraphs, please reflect on your understanding of the relationship between effective teaching and teacher knowledge of:

central concepts, structures, and tools of inquiry in a core content area and in ESL;
how to create learning experiences that develop the content knowledge and skill of all young adolescents;
how to connect content within and across disciplines and to use different perspectives to engage young adolescents in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related to authentic local and global issues;
how to integrate state-of-the art technologies and literacy skills into the curriculum.

How does your understanding of the role of the teacher in this section relate to your personal philosophy of education, your own characteristics as a teacher, and your growing understanding of teaching in a democratic society?

Reflection Standard 4 and 5 :  At this stage, as a teacher it is essential for me to demonstrate critical thinking in collaboration with other teachers. Another concentration is on evaluation of my professional decision on student actions, as well as my relationship with the parents and other professionals in the learning community. It is imperative to assume my responsibility as a leader by leading by example. Teenagers have trust issues, therefore to earn their trust and enhance their confidentiality, it is important to develop a strong relationship with them by always being ready to help them.
Demonstrates critical thinking in collaboration with others. Continually evaluates the effects of their professional decisions and actions on students, parents, and other professionals in the learning community. Also one is an informed advocate for sound educational practices and policies. Notably, assumes responsibility for actively leading by example. Maintains confidentiality about colleagues, children and families. Accepts feedback in a positive manner. Demonstrates professional communication skills. One is punctual in attendance and meets deadlines. Good reflection




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