This pack of HRM 554 Week 2 Individual Assignment Health and Safety Practices Plan (Part Two), Product Safety and Security Risks comprises: This is the second part of your Health and Safety Practices Plan. This section may vary in length, but not scope; be sure to address each part, while not exceeding the 25-page maximum for the project. Use research, articles, and your text to complete the assignment. Determine, at minimum, the four most common safety and security risks in your chosen organization. Choose one safety and one security risk, and identify relevant risk assessment techniques for your chosen safety or security risk. Evaluate the potential effect of the chosen product safety and security risks on your chosen company. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include at least 3 APA references.

Should have a clinical medicine topic, or psychological topics, for a behavior medicine class. Should be one of following:
• Analyze a trend, process, discovery, method or other activity in medicine
• Evaluate a practice, treatment, discovery, method or other activity in medicine
• Clarify the pros and cons of a treatment or practice in medicine

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