This session’s forum questions will deal with the issues around organ transplantation.

Question 1: This session’s forum questions will deal with the issues around organ transplantation. For the first question, please respond to the following quote from the ethical standpoint of distributive justice.

“Recent research shows that when given scenarios of two people who both need an organ transplant, the general public’s organ distribution preferences are influenced by whether or not a person made behavioral lifestyle choices that caused their illness.”

Ubel, PA, Jepson C, Baron J, Allocation of transplantable organs: do people want to punish patients for causing their illness? Liver Transplant,2001; 7(7):600-7.

Question 2: Do some people “deserve” an organ more than others? How about someone who has already received one organ? How about a mother with young children vs. someone who doesn’t have children? How about a suicidal patient who has organ failure b/c they tried to kill themselves? What about someone who is a life-long smoker and heavy drinker? Please include discussion on what you view as appropriate methods/criteria for determining who receives an organ

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Question 1: Last week we looked at factors that affect neuron transmission or neuroglial cells. This week we are staying on a similar type topic. CHOOSE any disease, disorder, injury etc of the CNS or PNS (affecting the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves.) & Briefly describe your topic and be sure to include any potential causes, symptoms, or possible treatments. You should have a minimum of 2 academically appropriate resources.

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Question 1: Reflect back on your experience of keeping a food diary for the Diet Analysis Assignment. What was this experience like? What made it easy/difficult and what (if any) benefits did you see from doing it?

Question 2: There is increasing the popularity of technology-based self-monitoring tools that enable people to track their diet, exercise, blood sugar, blood pressure, and more. Identify one such website, smartphone app, or device and discuss the application of the program. For what population is it most beneficial? Why? What are some of the unique and important features, and what features would you like to see included? How can an individual an use this piece of technology with their practitioner to improve their health?

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Question 1: Please read the following scenario and submit a report with a response to each of the associated questions. Cite sources in APA style.

Mini Case Study of Michael Marathon Training

Michael is a 33 year old veteran of the Marine Corps. Since leaving the military ten years ago, Michael has been working as a salesman, where he spends most of his day at a desk. When he enlisted at the age of 18, he weighed 156 pounds. At the end of his military service he was 181 pounds, and today he weighs 190 pounds (ht = 5’11”). Although his weight has not changed much since leaving the military, he began to feel he was getting out of shape because of his sedentary lifestyle. He has recently begun exercising again and is trying to improve his diet in order to “get toned.” He is started strength training with a personal trainer twice per week, and runs for 20-30 min 1-2 times per week. Michael’s diet contains a lot of food from restaurants such as Chipotle and Panera, in addition to protein shakes, which he often has each morning and before training. A 24-hr recall reveals that with his protein shakes, Michael is consuming ~110 grams of protein daily. Michael comes to you because he wants to train for the Marine Corps Marathon. His proposed plan is to increase his running to 1-2 hours per day, 5-6 days per week, and continue his weight training.

1. What are the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans? How does Michael’s current level activity measure up to them? Are there changes he should make to reach these recommendations?

2. How does his current intake compare to his estimated protein needs? Do you recommend Michael continue using his protein supplement? Discuss the pros and cons of using a protein supplement.

3. Michael is nervous about drinking enough water for his long runs. How would you advise Michael regarding his fluid consumption? Do you recommend beverages other than water? Why or why not?

4. What are Michael’s carbohydrate needs based on his current exercise? If he increased his running to begin marathon training, how would you recommend he change his carbohydrate intake?

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