To Explain The Central Nervous Process In Regards To Stimulants

You are a drug enforcement agent and have been invited as a quest speaker to explain to a group of high school students how stimulants affect the central nervous system. You will focus on the biological process as it relates to the allure of the stimulant providing a sense of well-being (dopamine).

You will use a PowerPoint presentation to explain the central nervous process to the students.

Content Requirements:

Choose a type of stimulant that we have studied in this course (amphetamines, cocaine, alcohol, caffeine)
Briefly describe the nature of the stimulant. Be sure to include:
how stimulants enhance mood
the neurological process as it relates to the Central Nervous System
its prevalence in our society.
its impact on our society.
PowerPoint Requirements:

Length: 15 to 20 slides (excluding the cover slide and the reference slide).
Be sure not to overcrowd your slides with information.
Be thorough, but also be concise.
Use bullet points to highlight main points.
If you use graphics, be sure to condense them, so your presentation is not too large.
Mechanics: PowerPoint does not require that you write full sentences or paragraphs; in fact, this will detract from your presentation; however, your ideas must flow logically and your points should be presented in a consistent format. Check your spelling and use standard American English.
You should consult at least three sources in preparing your presentation. Your last slide should be a reference slide following APA format.

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