. To provide you with an exploration of the concepts of nurses’ ways of knowing.

There are several purposes for this assignment:
1. To provide you with an exploration of the concepts of nurses’ ways of knowing.
2. To provide an opportunity to reflect about your own ways of knowing.
3. To evaluate your written communication skills and your ability to organize your thoughts in a logical presentation.
4. To determine your mastery of APA format.

Requirements for this paper include:
1. Before beginning this assignment, please read the following documents (located in module two – Patterns of Knowing in Nursing – under the weekly learning modules button in blackboard):
a. Fundamental Patterns of Knowing in Nursing
b. Pedagogical Evolution
2. Before beginning this assignment, please read the following document (located in module three – The Art and Science of Nursing – under the weekly learning modules button in blackboard):

a. The Art and Science of Nursing: Similarities, Differences, and Relations
3. This assignment should state your understanding of nurses’ ways of knowing.
a. Define the 4 patterns of knowing (empirics, ethics, personal knowledge, and esthetics) described by Barbara Carper. Compare definitions that you find in the literature with those described by Barbara Carper.
b. Describe why these patterns of knowing are essential to the professional nurse.
c. Reflect upon how one of these patterns was used by you in the practice setting.
4. Length must be three (3) to four (4) content pages plus the title page and references page(s).

5. There must be at least five (5) references. You are expected to use the readings listed above as references and then locate an additional 2 or more references in the literature. You must include a minimum of three (3) journal articles from scholarly resources.
Note: A scholarly resource is defined in NURS486 as a publication written by academics, researchers, or other scholars. This publication communicates new research and scholarly ideas and may be called ‘refereed’ or ‘peer-reviewed’ resource. Use of Wikipedia is prohibited in this course.
6. Submit the paper through the Turn It In Assignment link (located within the Long-Term Assignments button in the “Ways of Knowing” paper folder.
7. Before submitting your paper, complete the APA Checklist. Please copy and paste your competed version of this checklist and attach it to your paper after your reference section.

please check the following below for the paper.
Required reading: Introduction to Nursing Pedagogy.

Required reading: Carper, B. (1978). Fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing. Advances in Nursing

Science, 1(1), 13-23. (attached file above)

Required reading: Altmann, T. K. (2007). An evaluation of the seminal work of Patricia Benner: Theory or

philosophy. Contemporary Nurse, 25, 114-123. (attached file above)

Required reading: Jewell, A. (2013). Supporting the novice nurse to fly: A literature review.
Nurse Education in Practice, 13(4), 323-327. (attached file above)

Required reading: Feeg, V. D. (2001). Another view on professionalism. Pediatric Nursing, 27(3), 220, 222.

(attached file above)

Professional Practice Model Examples: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=nurse+practice+model&qpvt=nurse+practice+model&FORM=IGRE
Go to: American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and review the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. Within this document, you will find information about the characteristics of the Baccalaureate Generalist nurse.

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