topic 9 dq 5

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Barrier can be seen throughout all change implementation; it is almost human nature to reject change or fear of the unknown. In important aspect is to identify the different barriers to change and prepare to overcome them. Barriers can include personal, organizational, cultural and scientific barriers (Pereira, 2014). I am promoting community based educated and training concerning opioid overdose. Cultural and personal beliefs is one of the barriers to my training and education. Drug addicts had a large negative stigma which has a portion of the population which does not believe in helping or providing aid to the drug addict population. In order to overcome this barrier, community education concerning drug addiction, recovery and treatment. A second barrier can include decrease in knowledge concerning what opioid overdose is. The purpose of my promotion is not only to educate the community members concerning opioid overdose sign and symptoms but also intervention for treatments. Narcan education will at minimum teach the public about the commonly known opioid antagonist and the administration and effects. Barriers to education and intervention can be overcome with identification, ideas, communication and education.

Pedro Gomes Pereira, R., JosÃ, da S. P. de O. C. M., & Alice Correia dos Santos Cardoso Martins, M. (2014). Attitudes and barriers to evidence-based nursing practice in a community context. Revista de EnfermagemReferência, (7), 55–62. Retrieved from…

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