Topic after reconstruction

Topic after reconstruction
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Critical Response(s):
The first will be on a topic dealing with events occurring before Reconstruction, and the
second response on a topic after Reconstruction. The response guidelines are:
1) choose an event/topic in Tennessee history that interests you.
This can be something in your major field of study, a local event from your hometown or present residence, etc. [ex. the battle of Shiloh, the Suffrage Movement, WWII, etc.];
2) find two articles in scholarly journals or essays in published collections on this event or era (Tennessee Historical Quarterly, Journal of East Tennessee History, the West Tennessee Historical Society Papers,
or some of the history journals through the database JSTOR on the library website.
3) read the articles and see if you can find similarities or contradictions in the
articles about the topic as well as noticing the types of sources in the references section used by each author;
4) write a paper explaining #3

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