Topic: Media project Order Description 1. Choose two advertisements/media (magazine ads, songs, billboards, internet ads, etc.) that are related to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or foods 2. Analyze and critique each ad/media. Utilize the following questions: a. What is the ad/media about or trying to sell? b. Where was the ad located (what magazine, tv show, radio station, etc.)? c. What is the target audience for this ad/media? d. How reliable is the source of information? e. What is the theme of the ad? f. What information is MISSING from the ad? g. Are there statements that you believe are NOT true? h. What tools are used to grab your attention (colors, humor, etc.)? i. What are the health implications of the ad (is it promoting healthy behavior?) j. What are the positive or negative effects of this particular ad/media? For example, how would this ad/song affect children or teens? Is there a risk in the constant bombardment of certain messages in society? k. In thinking about your future profession, how would this media affect the people you are working with? (For example, if you are going to teach, how does this media affect kids?) 4. Include either the originals OR copies of your ads. If you use a song, please print out the lyrics.

Topic: Learning Through Play ( Qualitative study )
Order Description
Qualitative report: Learning Through Play In elementary school . The report should use a thematic approach . The research question is ( Will teachers have a different understanding about the benefits of learning through play , the thematic analysis should answer the research question .I used the interview to collected the data , the data should analysis as a thematic . The sample was only one female teacher from Kuwait elementary school , the interview take place in the school after the children leave , the interview take only 10 minutes . Open-ended questions were put to teacher . The core of the interview centred on the teacher understanding of benefits of learning through play , which is also include the role of educatino programme and problems that could face them . The interview was recorded ( with interviewee’s premission ) in audio , and the transcript as appendix , interviewee was not named.
Present a report :
Abstract 200 words.
Introduction, sample, procedure.
Analysis .
Discussion (write thw discussion from the theme and literature).
References .
Should also write the thematic map as appendix.
I’ll upload the interview as a file to write the report .

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