total quality management 38


Kiran, D.R. (2016). Total Quality Management: Key Concepts and Case Studies, 1st Edition, Butterworth-heinemann, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0128110355

Part 1

In 250 words:

After reading the three Chapters ( 30, 32, 33 ) assigned this week, discuss the weight of the voice of the customer (VOC) as it relates to each chapter. Please note VOC isn’t specifically discussed in each chapter so it is based on your perception and you need to have strong evidence in your post to completely answer this discussion post.

Part 2

Please review the attached case study for the TRIZ approach. Imagine your organization has decided to use this method after reading this case study as they believe it could be useful to them. You are a staunch TQM advocate and understand that you can’t consider the TRIZ method without taking into account TQM. Write a White Paper discussing the TRIZ approach for your Current or past organization. Make sure that you use the TQM principles you have learned over the past 8 weeks to help you make your argument. I am looking for a few things here. 1) how you use the TQM principles/material we have been studying over the entire semester to help you make your arguments (Therefore, picking one or two points isn’t acceptable), 2.) The credibility of your argument, 3) Your analysis and use of supporting evidence from the reading and other research, 4) Specific points that relate to your organization not high level overview points, and 5.) Your leadership strategy to influence others in your organization, which will be determined by the tone of your paper.

Your paper should be in APA format. At least 4 pages long (More pages is fine). 5 INTERNET references.

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