Two Research Papers

(8 pages include the reference page and without first page of the name) research paper about Wood Stork , and the other topic about Bald Eagle.

I want one page or so will discuss a description Wood Stork/ Bald Eagle (the general biology/ecology) such as:

· Their Habitat and where it is found

· What it eats and diet

· How it lives, in groups or individual

The majority of the paper will deal with its status, the reasons why it is endangered, and management strategies.

Research Project Guidelines

1. Keep the paper short (between 1200 and 1800 words)

2. Use at least six sources, no more than one of which may be a web page. If you use a web page, it must be from a government agency, a university, or another “authoritative” source. An “edu” or “org” and No Wikipedia, etc.

3. Employ the citation style of the Council of Science Editors

4. Do not employ direct quotes


6. Cited or reference section which will be in a separate page

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