Ummary And Recommendation For Verizon Communication Inc

For your Case Analysis Summary & Recommendations

You have been hired as the new Director of Marketing or Chief Marketing Officerfor yOaR coMPAIw” one of your tasks is to design new strategies by answering tieTiaowng questions:

1. What would be your new mission statement? 2. what would be your marketing and financiar objectives? 3. What would be your product mix strategy:

a. Product/Service Strategies b. Pricing Strategies c. DistributionStrategies d. PromotionStrategies?

4. What would be your target market? a. Demographic, b. Geographic, c. Psychographic, d. Behavioral e. Other

5. How would you segment the market? a. Please state all the segmentation dimensions that you could use?

6′ Considering the external market, the competition and the target market, please conduct a situation (SWOT) analysis for your company

a. Strengths b. Weaknesses, c. Opportunities d. Threats.

7 ‘ Please state your positioning and differentiation strategies and create a perceptual map? 8’ In what ways are you positioned to take advantage of the industry’s key success factors? 9. What are your competitive advantages?

10. Is your Industry Attractive? ( use Michael porter,s Five Forces) 11″ What are your recofirmendations to improve your product/service offerings?

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