Under what conditions, if ever, can we justify experimentation and research on human subjects? Provide examples. Support your position.

Tips for my professor to write

I. Prepare to write. Think your position through carefully. Ask yourself: What do I really want to say or to accomplish in this essay?

II. Help the reader understand your position. Rely on simple phrases and sentences and avoid high style expressions. Do not assume that your reader knows more than you.

III. Try to organize your essay in a logical way. If you are presenting an argument, your main point should be the conclusion and the rest of the essay should provide sufficient support for that conclusion. Eliminate pointless introductions and conclusions. Try to apply the knowledge of ethics gained in this class.

IV. Rewrite. Try to finish your essay at least a day before the deadline. Read your essay the next day and you will be surprised by the number of things you would like to change.

V. Do not simply reiterate what you have read. Try to demonstrate that you have comprehended the main issues and ideas.

VI. Use the resources of the Santa Fe College Library to find additional information on your topic.

VII. Identify your sources at the end of your essay. Include: author, title, publisher, edition, and year of publication.

VIII. Any form of plagiarism will automatically result in a failing grade.

Write a short (5 page) essay on one of the following SUGGESTED topics.

Write an abstract (3-4 sentences) of your essay. Summarize the objectives

and the method of your essay.

Your essay will be assessed according to the following criteria:

1. Ability research, understand, and present scientific information on a particular topic.

2. Ability to relate an ethical theory to particular examples.

3. Clear presentation of the theoretical analysis of the problem.

4. Clear ideas expressed in grammatically correct sentences.

5. Overall strategy and planning.

6. Creative thinking.

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