Understanding Entrepreneurship”


“Company Description”

Throughout this course, you will develop a series of written papers / projects that you will later combine into a complete business plan for a Non-Alcoholic Beverage company. For this discussion, you must first review the “NAB Company Portfolio”. The mentioned portfolio contains the company parameters and details you must follow when developing your company. Provide the following information to set the foundation for your non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) business plan.

Please respond to the following:

✔ Create your NAB company name and explain its significance.

✔ Develop your company’s Mission Statement and provide a rationale for its components.


“Understanding Entrepreneurship” Please respond to the following:

Discuss the value that entrepreneurship brings to both a country’s economy and society. Next, identify two (2) or three (3) challenges that entrepreneurs must overcome and how the use of a comprehensive business plan can enhance their chance of success. Provide support for your response.
Explain the purpose of a Feasibility Analysis and describe how it differs from a Traditional Business Plan. Next, identify three (3) elements of a Feasibility Analysis that may keep an entrepreneur from moving forward with their business concept. You will also need to fully describe how the use of a business plan can help overcome these challenges.

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