unit iv industrial hygiene essay

In Unit III we identified two of the four principles of industrial hygiene: anticipation and recognition. These principals focus on identifying possible health hazards in a work environment and are used to assess employee exposure. Industrial Hygienist perform sampling to assess personal hazard exposures in a work location. The process can be very complex and requires knowledge of sampling and analytical methods. In Unit IV we will learn about how sampling and analytical methods are highly dependent on the type of health hazard. Methods for evaluating gases and vapors differ greatly from methods for particulates, noise, and radiation. It is common to use sorbent tubes or badges for gases and vapors, but not for particulates. An industrial hygienist must understand the differences in chemical states to accurately evaluate exposures. In Unit IV, we will look at the subject of evaluating exposures to gases and vapors.

As part of this Units Discussion Board, you will have the opportunity to discuss a gas or vapor that you have dealt with in a workplace. If you have never had sampling for a gas or vapor performed in your workplace you will have the opportunity to choose a vapor or gas that looks interesting to you from the NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM) or the OSHA Sampling and Analytical Methods for the discussion. In this week’s Case Study, you will have the opportunity to act as an Industrial Hygienist and evaluate employee exposure to methyl n-amyl ketone during a painting operation.

The schedule for this week will be as follows:


  • Unit IV Study Guide (Ungraded)
  • Reading Assignments (4 reading passages): See Study Guide (Ungraded)
  • Unit IV Discussion Board
  • Unit IV Case Study

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Professor Jackens

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