Values are important for employees to have in order to have a positive sense of work satisfaction and motivation

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Alexandre J

Values are important for employees to have in order to have a positive sense of work satisfaction and motivation. Some examples of values are: freedom of speech, fundamentals of justice, and civil rights (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2013). In order for employees to have work satisfaction and motivation, they need to have values that have been enforced by the organizations that they work for. A few work values that employees are entitled to are trust, accountability, and integrity. Employees are expected to both exhibit these values as well as expect them in return. This give and take sense of positive values can affect some employees work satisfaction and motivation.

An employees’ attitude towards work is associated with satisfaction (Kovner, Brewer, Yow-Wu, Cheng & Suzuki, 2006). Attitude is defined as favorable or unfavorable evaluations towards a person, group, object, or event (Ordun, 2015). Employees that have a favorable outlook on their job have a sense of job satisfaction due to their outlook. Attitude affects beliefs, feelings, capabilities, and norms (Ordun, 2015). Employees outlook of their job is affected by their attitude because attitude is the most important determinant of behavior (Ordun, 2015).

There are three personality factors that affect an employees’ motivation and satisfaction. The three personality factors are: extroversion, openness, and agreeableness, (Seibokaite & Aukse, 2012). Extroversion allows an employee to be social while at work, which can have a positive effect on job satisfaction. When an employee has this trait, they do not mind being in large crowds and are generally optimistic (Siebokaite & Aukse, 2012). An employee that exhibits openness at their job exhibit intellectual curiosity and independence of judgment (Siebokaite & Aukse, 2012). These affect work satisfaction because they allow the employee to develop significant positive relationships. People that are low in agreeableness are less able to cooperate with others, usually less helpful and are more selfish (Siebokaite & Aukse, 2012). An employee that is agreeable will have more satisfaction because they will be able to work well with other.

Work satisfaction is defined as an overall measure of the degree to which the employee is satisfied and happy with the job (Pundt, Wohrmann, Deller, & Shultz, 2015). When trying to figure out whether or not an employee has work satisfaction and motivation based on their values, attitudes, and personalities, one main variable also needs to be taken into consideration, age. Work satisfaction and life satisfaction increase with age (Pundt, Wohrmann, Deller, & Shultz, 2015).


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