Virtue Ethics

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May 4, 2020
Topic 1 – Listening and Topic 2 – Conflict
May 9, 2020

Virtue Ethics

Virtue ethics, according to Aristotle, requires seeking the mean between excess and deficit. Additionally, his conception of eudaimonia suggests that the perfection of excellence is a central component of living. Eudaemonia is akin to psychological well-being and inner harmony. Our physical abilities, character traits, and above all our intellect should be perfected.

  • With this philosophy in mind, do you think Aristotle would argue that the consumption of performance-enhancing drugs (i.e., steroids) in professional sports is permissible?
  • What about taking drugs that improve one’s academic performance in college?

Please use this book Consider Ethics – Bruce N Waller ISBN: 9780134650791

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