War Powers

War Powers
In this video, two former secretaries of state, James A. Baker III (secretary of state during the George H. W. Bush administration) and Warren Christopher (secretary of state during the Clinton administration) discuss study panel recommendations to replace the War Powers Act.
Panel Calls for New War Powers Legislation

After watching the video and reviewing your textbook material, answer the following questions:
1. According to the video and your textbook, what are the problems with the War Powers Act? Do you agree or disagree that these are problems? Explain your answers.
2. The proposed War Powers Consultation Act would require that the president consult with Congress before deploying U.S. troops into “significant armed conflict” (combat operations lasting, or expected to last, more than a week), create the new congressional committee spoken of in the video, and require Congress to vote up or down on significant armed conflicts within 30 days. Do you think this act would be a significant improvement over the existing War Powers Act? Why or why not? Explain your answers.

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