watch the film quot pit stop quot 1969 and answer the discussion

1) Write up to 150 words about the hero or anti-hero in this story world; or write about what it means to be a man, or what it means to be a winner in this time period, culture, of when the film was made. For example, what was happening in the world of 1969?

You may also write about the antagonist(s) in this story world, and the conflict(s) the lead faces. You may in addition write about the effect the rock music has on the story-telling of how we think of the main character. Another aspect/element to consider, or possibly write about, is the use of lighting and camera angles and or movement.

2) Please respond to at least one student’s discussion, such as what you agree with and why, or additional information. Your responses here may be shorter than in your main discussion of the film.

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