We all carry bias and perception into our purchases.

Please write 2 paragraphs on this topic.

We all carry bias and perception into our purchases. Give me an example of a bias or a perception you carry into a buy and then how a marketer could overcome it. I provided an example of a bias in the weekly notes. I showed a picture of a new form of water packaging that is edible. non-refrigerated milk common overseas, but we have a bias for cold milk. These two products need to overcome bias to be sold. So what is your bias or perception? Is there a product you used to buy that you don’t because of a change that was problematic to your bias/perception or one you don’t buy at all due to a bias/perception. Remember to respond to at least two classmates’ posts. By the way mine is boxed wines. Consider this commercial what are they overcoming https://www.ispot.tv/ad/wqPJ/overstock-com-edward-mcshittelhouse-iii

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