Please see the attached for further HW instructions. YOU MUST read the entire HW instructions before contacting me for a handshake!! Failing to-do so May result in “deal-breaking activity” which Could result in a dispute! All work is subject to multiple scans to rule out plagiarism. “in-text citations” in the paper are needed not just on the bottom. References at the bottom are only half of what a proper cite looks like. Technically, the paper should have (author’s name, year) throughout the paper and then the reader should be able to look at the bottom and find that author as a reference. If you do not have these in the text, this can be interpreted as plagiarism

And in the case of plagiarism it is the tutor’s responsibility to correct the stolen work within 24 hours

From the date that the student notices his work contains plagiarism.

Handshakes are contracts and should be treated as such!

Best of luck to all


WEEK 6 PSYC Aweek_6_part_a_psyc.docx

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