week 7 discussion 300 words

Week 7: Beneficial Conflict & Cultural Sensitivity

Textbook-The Art of Leadership

Chapter 12: Human Behavior and the Art of Persuasion (read this chapter again)

Chapter 13: The Diversity Challenge

For the initial post, respond to one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Conflict can be beneficial to organizations, stimulating cohesiveness and creativity if managed correctly.. Based on this week’s reading, what are some ways that employees can effectively manage conflict in the workplace? Provide any examples of your experience(s) with conflict in the workplace and support your statement to fix the problem with the textbook.
  • Option 2: Cultural sensitivity is crucial to local and global success. It is very difficult to be aware of and sensitive to issues and traditions we are ignorant about. How can we decrease our own ignorance? Can we be proactive about it, or do we just have to wait until someone alerts us that we are being insensitive?
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